Created in 1982 by Bruce Kilgore, the AF1 started a revolution when it comes to cushioning thanks to a smart idea : the Air Sole.
A direct competitor to the Chuck Taylor, the Blazer is a clear reference to the Portland Trail Blazers, where was playing Geoff Petrie, first NBA basketballer to play with Nike Shoes.
The Fusion 2.0. , created by the Finnish brand, has a surprising technology called Fulcrum, for an increased cushioning and a great shock absorption.
The Daybreak was born in 1979, but has gained notoriety thanks to the amazing Gold Medal in Women's Marathon in the L.A. Olympic Games (1984) by Joan Benoit Samuelson.
First called A11Star in 1921, the iconic pair is named after young b-baller Chuck Taylor, who will get the first-ever signature shoe, 50 years before Michael Jordan.
A revolution : this outsole has been specifically designed to reduce injuries. A larger one, for a better stability.
The Boston NB factory produce shoes with an unique savoir-faire since 1938, with 70% of the materials produced on their own country.
Born in...1990, the mighty Air Max 90 was seen on George H.W. Bush, Kanye West and a lot of us since high school.
Flimby, in the north of England, is where New Balance produces 600.000 pairs a year, with style and dedication.